Image management Programs

Image Management

What if I tell you that the clothes ( almost of more than 1 lac + INR) can be used consciously to present a pleasing personality ,authority, visibility , your roles and goals, great first impressions which further can get your your million dollar contract !!!

This  work shop will help in;

  • creating great first impressions and get noticed
  • communication strategies to aid conversations
  • high self -esteem and confidence
  • get comfortable in difficult situations
  • Establish rapport
  • to be persuasive and influential

Quick fix (super buzy)

You are a one man/woman army!! super buzy with lots of networking, dating and socializing…


  • discover clothing shapes that flatter your body.
  • affordable styles
  • great first impressions
  • fine tuned body language
  • communication strategies

Look fabulous with radiance and confidence

Duration : 3 hours

Image Rejuvenation / Recent weight change

Are you someone who has recently lost weight??!!

or you are looking for change in your clothes to look according to your roles and most authentic self, so that people remember you with your charismatic personality.

then, IMAGE REJUVENATION is for you…

  • Clothes that fit your body shape, lifestyle and personality!
  • Range of colors specially to go with your skin-tone  and hair
  • tuning your verbal and non – verbal communication
  • presenting yourself gracefully in public and at various occasions
  • tricks and tips for budget shopping

Duration : 3 to 20 hours, as per the need

Working Wardrobe

Do you wear 30 % of your clothes on repeat and 70% are just lying there, maybe due to lack of visibility or you don’t have the right things to pair up with!! At the end you end up like ” I don’t have anything good to wear 🙁

It is a dead investment of thousands of rupees.

in working wardrobe learn:

  • Art of mix and match
  • Smart buys to fit and flatter your body
  • Cluster planning & accessorizing
  • Weeding out dead clothes

Duration : 3 hours without personal shopping , 6 hours with personal shopping


I often meet people who dread shopping – as either they are confused in what to buy due to lack of inclination towards fashion and style or shopping is never on their priority list.

Now, it’s the time to invest in PERSONAL SHOPPING EXPERT!!

  • discover you ‘unique’ style
  • get clarity on image ,fashion and wardrobe
  • learn to shop smart and match trends
  • stylish,comfortable and elegant clothes in your wardrobe
  • clustering and accessorizing tricks
  • get fashionable and unique and perfect appearance with personal shopping expert

Duration : 3 to 6 hours


if  you are some one who always struggle to go to big malls and lifestyle stores and get overwhelmed by it or simply you don’t like shopping.


  • explore modern shopping experience
  • each to search and 1000s of product at your finger tips
  • paradise of special deals with price transparency
  • super convenient and stress free returns
  • shopping without burning fuel or fighting the traffic

With an expert shopper by your side have fun with finding, sizing amazing right options for you in your shopping cart!!